Why choose a professional picture hanger over a handyman?

A  triptych of photographs hung by professional picture hanger John Verhoeven

A triptych of photographs hung by professional picture hanger John Verhoeven

A professional picture hanger is someone who specialises in hanging pictures or other artwork (paintings, sculptures, mirrors, etc.). A handyman is a person skilled in a wide range of repairs, typically around the home. These tasks include trade skills, repair work, maintenance work, both interior and exterior. They work on what we often call “odd jobs", e.g. basic plumbing like fixing a leaky toilet or basic electrical jobs such as changing a light fixture.

If you’re considering why you should hire a professional picture hanger rather than a handyman, the first thing to know is that a good handyman should definitely be competent at hanging paintings and mirrors. But a handyman does lots of other things. They’re handy, not specialists.

But why get your picture hanging done by a specialist, especially as the professional most likely charges more? The answer is in the question. John Verhoeven specialises in hanging pictures and artwork all over Sydney, dedicating 100 per cent of his working hours to that particular task. He’ll tell you he lives and breathes art and the things that are precious to people. He relaxes by going to art galleries and is always looking at how other picture hanging experts hang paintings.

There’s more to it than driving a nail into a wall but you already know that because you’re reading this. A handyman and a professional in picture hanging might both be able to complete the job technically so your art is fastened to the wall and stays there (although not all walls are created equal and a nail is often completely the wrong thing so make sure you ask lots of questions). 

What a professional picture hanger brings is the aesthetic, the "eye". Here is the key difference between someone who hangs paintings, photographs, mirrors, sculptures and other artwork exclusively and someone who has many general abilities.

You might luck into a handyman to whom you can say, “Here are my paintings, where do you think they should be hung?” But using an expert with an excellent sense of the aesthetic is going to be an investment in the overall project that will pay off. That's something John Verhoeven discusses in the picture hanging video you'll find on our homepage.

After hanging over 20,000 artworks all over Sydney, we know that using a professional picture hanger might cost a little more but it will likely be done quicker and in the end the result will more than justify it.