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For 12 years Highly Strung has been picture hanging in Sydney. We have hung paintings, photographs, sculptures, mirrors and other artwork in homes, offices and galleries all over Sydney.

Clients like the Intercontinental Hotel Sydney and the Julian Ashton Art School call us when they have paintings, photographs, mirrors, sculptures and other artwork they want to hang with confidence in the aesthetic and the integrity of the job. Some things are just too valuable to take a chance on. 

Whether the art you want to hang professionally is a priceless masterpiece or an irreplaceable wall of family photographs and memories, call us for a quote.

John Verhoeven,picture hanging professional

John Verhoeven,picture hanging professional

A professionally hung picture wall  (picture courtesy of client)

A professionally hung picture wall (picture courtesy of client)

John Verhoeven

Hanging pictures in Sydney professionally for over a decade 

John is well known around Sydney, having hung pictures and paintings from Bronte to Penrith. Much of his work as a professional picture hanger comes from referrals and repeat business as clients grow their art collections or add to their family photo walls.

What John enjoys most picture hanging in his hometown of Sydney is getting to meet people from all walks of life and to see the things and memories they treasure. And of course helping them to display those things in the ways that best show them off.


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